1 year ago
TrYumph in Life

Well-being Wednesday Newsletter content:
- An exercise video to keep you TrY-M(oving)
- A well-being seminar to mentally strengthen you and your TrY-B
- A NuTrYtion seminar to set your diet and ... See more

1 year ago

End-ur Catastrophising

Things are rarely plain sailing in life - especially when it comes to running! In training for the Sheffield 10k, I was starting to worry that I may have caused irreversible ... See more

2 years ago

End-ur coughs and colds! Since consuming this concoction religiously for the last couple of years, touch wood(!), I’ve not had more than a minor tickle lasting a couple of days. It also has a host ... See more

2 years ago

Running Thoughts 55: End-ur Sleep Problems

I've suffered a bit with insomnia at various times in my life, usually coinciding with an injury, break-up or a particularly stressy time at work. At which ... See more

2 years ago

Running thoughts 54: End-ur Broken resolutions

Hands up if you were relying on you feeling motivated to exercise and eat well come January, but it's turning out to be harder than you thought? Me ... See more

2 years ago

Running Thoughts 53: End-ur Over-indulgence

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day...
A few tips here for those that would like to save themselves hours of guilt-ridden diet and ... See more

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