Running Technique Workshops and Groups Suitable For All Abilities at Baslow Sports Field and Longshaw Estate.

Running technique workshops and consultations
Running Groups

Running technique workshops and consultations

Next workshop: Sunday 15th September 2019, 10am-12:30pm, Baslow Sports Field
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We are designed to run.
But we are not taught how to run…
Until now.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or are just starting out, benefit from the expertise and experience of Britain’s Former Female Athlete of the Year and twice European 800m medallist, Becky Lyne, as she guides you toward running GRACE-fully.

Using this memorable acronym you will be taught how to tap into the ‘free energy’ so successfully exploited by professional athletes.

Not only will this greater understanding and execution of the body’s innate movement patterns unlock faster PBs, it will also serve to reduce injury and create a more positive mindset when running.

What the 2.5 hour workshops include:

– Scientific explanations and demonstrations of how humans are
designed to run.

– Working through the five step GRACE-ful Running Programme to
enhance your running form.

– Chance to talk to a qualified physio about your injury history and concerns.

– Optional slow-speed personalised video analysis – copies of which will be sent to you.

– Bonus body maintenance session of foam rolling, trigger point release, zen chi relaxerciser and self massage whilst discussing how to apply GRACE in your everyday life (NB this tends to run on after the workshop has finished at 12:30).

– Free home-made protein balls and energy drinks!

Spaces on workshops are limited to 10 people to enable us to give participants sufficient attention and feedback. If a course is fully booked you will be added to a waiting list or we can book you onto another workshop. Workshops will proceed subject to a minimum booking of 5 people. If there are fewer than this, you are entitled to a full refund or we can book you onto another date.

“After many years running, I’d become a bit of a “plodder”. Becky’s running form tips helped put the spring back in my step. By concentrating on running form not effort, I took 8 minutes off my 10k and ran PBs for 5k. Magic!” ~ Graham V60

Next workshop: Sunday 15th September 2019, 10am-12:30pm, Baslow Sports Field

Other workshop dates:

Sunday 13th October

We also offer private technique consultations allowing for more in-depth analysis and personalised recommendations. Contact us to arrange a convenient time and location . Price = £75, additional attendees £15/person.

Running clubs can also arrange for us to visit your venue to deliver tailored sessions. Please contact us to discuss prices which will vary depending on distance and numbers.


Running Groups 

Suitable for ages 8+  (or 6+ on Tuesdays)

Join Britain’s former Female Athlete of the Year, Becky Lyne, at her friendly, mixed ability groups for progressive interval sessions. With runs tailored to meet all levels and distance preferences, everyone is welcome along in their quest to improve their fitness – and speed! Sessions commence with 15min mobility and core activation/strengthening and end with optional 15-30min body maintenance. Technique advice comes as standard, as does a friendly camaraderie to help you push yourself harder than you would on your own!


Tuesdays: 6-7pm

Baslow Sportfield:

Grass track sessions. Opt for endurance or sprint/agility (- ideal for improving performance in team sports!). Meet at the Pavilion DE45 1SP. Click here for directions.  All welcome 6yrs+.

Thursdays: 6-7pm

Longshaw Estate:

Timed intervals, hill reps or fartleks.  Meet Moorland Discovery Centre, S11 7TZ.  All welcome 8yrs+.

Directions to MDC, Longshaw


For better value and motivation, sign up to our Charitable Monthly Subscriptions for just £12 per month. 10% of all subs each month go to charities participants are raising money for through races. If no one is doing a fundraiser that month then the default charities are the Gathimba Edwards Foundation, Love Mercy and Shoe4Africa. Pay as you go price is £4.50.

For instructions of how to sign up to our online payment system, please click ‘How to register’ at the top of our Try-Sports and Fitness page.


“After 30 years of running and a recent knee operation I have been so inspired by Becky’s training, programmes, coaching and endless enthusiasm so much so that I am now enjoying running and training more than I have ever done and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is just brilliant !”

Nick Sims

“Thanks for helping so much with our son. He is massively enjoying his training night with you and feels motivated. He really felt so proud of himself last night and incrementally, this is feeding into his self-confidence and his desire to have goals and dreams. It’s helping him too with his work at school i.e. a more ‘can-do’ attitude.”


“After many years running, I’d become a bit of a “plodder”. Becky’s running form tips helped put the spring back in my step. By concentrating on running form not effort, I took 8 minutes off my 10k and ran PBs for 5k. Magic!”

Graham V60

“Becky has given me lots of tips to improve my running technique and they have all worked but I would like to share the epiphany I had following one particular training session. During the session Becky concentrated on rhythm and she ran with us counting the rhythm she wanted us to follow. After the session, I was running on my own in Chatsworth Park, and wanted to go a bit faster. Becky’s words of wisdom popped into my head and instead of trying to go faster I just focused on changing my rhythm. I didn’t have Becky next to me but I ran along in time to a new faster rhythm that I was counting in my head and it worked! I didn’t have to put in lots of extra effort, I wasn’t more out of breath than usual but I had clocked up a new PB. Thank you Becky.”


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