I’ve been lucky in life. From a young age I discovered what my passion was: health. And in pursuing a healthy lifestyle (in combination with a lot of hard work!), this led me to become a professional athlete. I enjoyed an international career that spanned over 10 years and culminated in a European bronze medal at 800m, together with the accolade of Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year 2006.

Here is a video of my medal winning performance:


At this point, with 6 years to go to the London 2012 Olympics and a 6th place global ranking in my event at just 24 years of age, the world was my oyster! Now a professional athlete, I was free to travel the globe to work with the very best coaches, athletes, therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and agents. Being immersed in this environment, I was more determined than ever to do everything in my power to fulfil my potential…

But it’s fair to say that things didn’t exactly go to plan! As is often the case when pursuing lofty goals, I became faced with an ever increasing number of obstacles. Here is a presentation that captures this journey. But, being made of Sheffield Steel, I used each knock back to temper my character and as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. In so doing, I came to realise that health is a many faceted thing, encompassing not just the physical realm, but equally (if not more so!) the nutritional and mental spheres. And so years as a ‘selfish’ athlete were also spent studying, reading, questioning and experimenting, such that I am now heavily equipped with tips and information to pass on.

The happiness and enjoyment I find in being active and eating healthily, plus the psychological growth that comes hand in hand with pushing your limits and bucking the norm, is something that I love to try and share with others. Since retiring from professional athletics in 2012, I have set about doing just that. Using the experiences – both good and bad – from my career, I have passionately ploughed my energies into developing TrYumph in Life.

Together with a team of qualified and experienced coaches and professionals, we offer not just a variety of physical training options for all ages and abilities, but also a broad range of seminars and workshops that to educate people as to the ‘real’ health principles in an often clouded and confusing industry. Armed with this information you will feel inspired to make informed decisions and actions that will lead you confidently to a healthier way of life.

Please get in touch if you would like to see how we can help you, your family, business, school or organisation to tryumphantly fulfil your potential. Whilst having fun along the way!

My Qualifications:

BSc Sport and Exercise Science, 1st Class Hons Loughborough University

BA Spanish, GPA 3.95, Butler University Indianapolis, USA

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 2 Fitness Pilates Instructor

Level 2 Athletics Coach

Level 2 Jog Leader

Sports Nutritionist

Level 3 Indian Head Massage

Inspired by the Peak District