Grace-full Running Workshops

GRACE-full Running

Workshops and slow motion video analysis  to help hone your technique. 

Improve your PBs. Decrease your injuries. Enjoy running even more 🙂  

Technique Workshops

We are designed to run. But we are not taught how to run. Until now…

Whether you’re an experienced runner or are just starting out, benefit from the expertise and experience of Britain’s Former Female Athlete of the Year and twice European 800m medallist, Becky Lyne, as she guides you toward running GRACE-fully.

Using this memorable acronym you will be taught how to tap into the ‘free energy’ so successfully exploited by professional athletes. Not only will this greater understanding and execution of the body’s innate movement patterns unlock faster PBs, it will also serve to reduce injury and create a more positive mindset when running. 

What the 3 hour workshops includes:

– Scientific explanations and demonstrations of how humans are designed to run.

– Working through the five step GRACE-full Running Programme to enhance your running form.

– Optional slow-speed personalised video analysis – copies of which will be sent to you.

– Body maintenance session of foam rolling, trigger point release, zen chi relaxerciser and self massage – whilst discussing how to apply GRACE in your everyday life! (NB this tends to run on after the workshop has finished).

– Free home-made protein balls and energy drinks. Refreshments also available from the Pavilion Café. 

We are currently only running private and bespoke group workshops. See the tabs below for details.

Contact me to arrange a workshop at Baslow Sports Field, or a location of your choosing* for 5 or more people (if less than that see our bespoke workshops below for charges). 

Workshop = £30/person**

Lite video analysis = £30/person (voice-over slow motion video as it’s run through our analysis software)

Full video analysis plus report = £75 (above plus side by side comparison with good form and bespoke corrective exercise programme).

**Organiser goes free.

*subject to £1/mile additional charge. Venue requires a room suitable for a presentation (I have a projector) and a space/surface at least 25m x 50m suitable for drills and filming. 

As well as running technique, we can cover topics such as injury prevention, optimising your competitive mindset and strength and conditioning. Visit our TrY-Ed page to see the comprehensive list of sports related topics available on our Gifted and Talented Athlete programme. 

The workshops are charged as follows:

1 hour £50

2 hours £80

3 hours £100

£10 per additional person per hour should be added to the total. 

Slow-motion video analysis

“I can’t believe I run like that!”. A common comment I receive upon sharing a video analysis. A simple film taken on your mobile phone can reveal so much. It is the most powerful starting point for honing your technique as we guide you through the steps (literally and metaphorically!) to align your body with the way it is designed to move.

Visit our sister website to learn all about how you can sign up to an analysis using our bespoke joint detection software. 

"After many years running, I'd become a bit of a "plodder". Becky's running form tips helped put the spring back in my step. By concentrating on running form not effort, I took 8 minutes off my 10k and ran PBs for 5k. Magic!"
V60 Runner
"My wife who came on your course is overjoyed with her running and has had 2 parkrun PBs in a row (first ones for years), and one for the Longshaw Trust 10!"
Dr.Ben Heller
"Thank you Becky for having such a brilliant idea as the GRACE-ful Running Technique Workshop. I have been running most of my life but I've never had anyone tell me how to do it so I thought it was about time to find out if there's anything I can be doing better. Yes, it turns out there is! With a presentation first and then an opportunity to practice the skills afterwards, I left feeling excited to try out some new things and improve my running."
"Hi Becky - I just wanted to give you a quick update a couple of weeks on from your session...I'm running 3 times a week and just feeling so much more "bouncy" than before! If I get a bit sluggish, I remind myself to "grow"...if my legs hurt a bit I think about the circles with my heels...I try to do that slight lean forward and it's really helping my knees not to hurt...and I'm shortening my stride to get in the 180 paces per minute which also helps with the all in all it's worked a treat!!"
"This was a great workshop to make me think about and recognise elements of my running style that I could improve on, to reduce chance of future injury. It was presented in a fun and light way, with good scientific background where required to hone in on the key areas to develop. Highly recommended."
"The workshop emphasized the real benefits of how and why to run in a natural and efficient way. Simple alterations to run technique should translate into quicker and less energy absorbing performances."
"I found the workshop first class today. I am not the typical candidate as I don’t really enjoy middle or long distance running however I enjoy playing sport and going to the gym. The topics covered today not only improve the technique of those who run as a sport but the theories can be applied to most physical activities. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in physical acitivity. The workshop was insightful, informative and most of all fun!"
“Becky has given me lots of tips to improve my running technique and they have all worked but I would like to share the epiphany I had following one particular training session. During the session Becky concentrated on rhythm and she ran with us counting the rhythm she wanted us to follow. After the session, I was running on my own in Chatsworth Park, and wanted to go a bit faster. Becky’s words of wisdom popped into my head and instead of trying to go faster I just focused on changing my rhythm. I didn’t have Becky next to me but I ran along in time to a new faster rhythm that I was counting in my head and it worked! I didn’t have to put in lots of extra effort, I wasn’t more out of breath than usual but I had clocked up a new PB. Thank you Becky.”
V55 Runner
"The video with commentary is really effective for me to see what I need to work on. I’ll definitely try and work on those things. Thanks again Becky."
"Great course, well delivered with practical and immediate benefits"
Julie Myers