TrY-Sports & Fitness

TrY-Sports and Fitness

At TrYumph in Life we believe in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, accessible to all. Our aim is to provide friendly and inclusive sessions that remove barriers to participation. With our flexible and affordable subscriptions, sessions start from as little as £3. 

Feel part of the community, get empowered to improve your health, have fun with friends – and family!

We’d love to have you along…


Fitness through fun! In our often all-too-serious lives, sport can be a fantastic outlet. Chasing around carefree after a ball really makes you feel young and playful!

Families are encouraged to play together and teens can volunteer at the sessions, eventually even gaining qualifications.

Choose from football, hockey, netball, tag-rugby and rounders


Benefit from the enhanced motivation and enjoyment that comes with group training. Sessions include technique drills and guidance followed by interval reps designed to push you progressively harder than you would do by yourself.

For a more detailed analysis of your technique, see our GRACE-Full Running page for details of our workshops and  consultations.


Meet all your fitness needs with our fitness classes. Designed to cater for a wide range of abilities, emphasis is placed on encouraging movement with optimal technique. Only then do we positively cajole you towards the ‘red zone’!

If you want a more one-to-one approach to getting in shape, we can recommend a number of local PT’s.

…AND we play great music during the sessions to really get the energy flowing!

For more details, see our timetable below.

TrY-Sport and Fitness Timetable

Click on our sessions below for more information about what’s involved and pricing options. All sessions are at Baslow Sports Field, DE45 1SP, unless otherwise stated. 

4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm 8-9pm

We are always trYing to develop our offerings, so if you have any suggestions for developing a new club or would like to work as an associate of TrYumph in Life to benefit from our reduced fees at Baslow Sports Field as well as our marketing network, please get in touch.

Sign up to your £1 Taster Week in 2 quick steps:

Get access to unlimited sports and fitness sessions for the entire family for a whole week for just £1! Come join the #fitnessthroughfun revolution at Baslow Sports Field (+ Longshaw)! 

Step 1: £1 Family Taster Week Sign up!

The Baslow Sports Field Family would love to invite your family along to come and try out our friendly and inclusive sessions. Click on sessions in the timetable above to reveal more information about TrYumph-run sessions. A timetable of all Sports Field sessions can be found by clicking here or visit their websites here: Bowls, Tennis, Cricket 

Step 2: Complete Health Forms

After your taster week, we will be in touch with details of how to sign up to any clubs that take your fancy! We hope you all enjoy your tasters 🙂 !

Hate wasting money? So do we. Unlike gyms, our flexible subscriptions mean that, if you commit to exercising regularly, you need never drop a pound – unless it’s from your waist! (Plus we think exercising outside, with friends is way healthier).

– Save up to 68% on sessions if ‘Bring a teen for free’ is used.  

– Credit missed in the event of illness or injury during term time can be used for any other Try-Sports and Fitness offerings that week.

– Less hassle than paying each half term or each session.

– Greater motivation to attend sessions or TrY other sports.

Teens often get a bad rap, but we see them as a source of untapped energy, potential and creativity that can help to fuel and catalyse the creation of a healthier community….
Are you a teen or do you have a teen in your family that would like to be more active and help others to be so? ‘A Teen Movement’ is about just that…plus so much more…
Working together, our goal is to create fun and inclusive sessions for the whole community and in so doing give teens the chance to get voluntary/activity hours for Sports Leaders Awards and DofE. Those particularly sporty teens can even qualify for paid for coaching courses which in turn could lead to paid work. And if their family members come along, they qualify even quicker…
Click here to learn more about what’s involved and then contact us if you’d like to chat about signing up. We’d love to hear from you. #teenpower!

Click here for our full TrY-Sports and Fitness terms and conditions.

See our Data Protection policy here so you are aware of how we store and what we do with your information.

For a list of all our other policies, codes of conduct and waivers, please click here.

Instructions for our payment platform - Playwaze

Our payment platform puts you in full control of your account, with minimal effort. We create an account for you that enables us to keep track of all attendances. Those that sign up to a membership don’t need to lift another finger as payments get taken automatically each month. If you opt instead to PAYG (pay as you go) it automatically keeps track of your bill which can then be settled at end of each term (Aug, Dec and April – we’ll send a reminder ;-)) . If you get stuck navigating the system, the videos below explain all you need to know. (But also shout if you need a hand!).


“My 7 year old daughter is a regular at Becky’s Wild Athletics, and absolutely loves it. It is fantastic for her to have such a great time doing sport, and to do ‘proper’ athletics, compared with the ‘throwing the bean bag’ type sport that happens at school. It’s brilliant for us as a family as I go to boot camp while she does her athletics. None of this would work if it wasn’t for Becky, who is a delightful person and a complete star. My daughter absolutely adores her.”
Claire Cadogan
My daughter attended Becky's netball from y4 to y6. She found a new passion for group sports and really enjoyed meeting up with her class mates after school but also meeting new children from different schools. She has gone on to take netball as an extra curricular activity at secondary school. I can highly recommend this group and when her two sisters are old enough they cant wait to join after watching their big Sis! Parents can enjoy a coffee from the cafe so its a win for all! Thanks Becky x
Georgina Abdy
“Before starting family football I was quite apprehensive. I go jogging a few times a week, so I’m used to a little activity but was worried that I may not keep up with the other ladies. Also, I was worried that I’d have to know the rules of the game or be joining a well established group that wouldn’t be accepting of new members. I really didn’t need to worry. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. You choose how much effort you put in and I often come away feeling sweaty and out of breath but having had lots of fun too. You don’t have to be super fit or have loads of knowledge of football to join in. I like that my children can join in many of the sessions, if I want them to! As well as improving my fitness levels, the groups have helped me to tone up and lose weight as well as making me a healthier person with my more sensible approach to food going hand in hand with the exercise. The sessions are very good value for money and I would highly recommend them to anyone of any age and any level of fitness.”
Emily Swindell

“Before starting hockey on Thursdays my daughter had not played before and similarly I had not played since leaving school many, many years previously, however we have both improved immensely and greatly enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of the group, making some good friends in the process. My daughter’s confidence in playing hockey has improved hugely and we love playing competitively alongside each other without it being deadly serious! I would strongly recommend this as a great opportunity for mums or to get back into sport, but also more importantly a great way of spending time with your child within a structured sporting activity which is immensely rewarding and enjoyable.”
Sarah Hill
“Coaching at Baslow after school club was great fun and a really good experience in order to develop my confidence and enhance my leadership skills. The sessions included a variety of football, hockey and netball all of which I was able to teach the kids new skills and tactics that I have developed through my own sporting experiences such as at Baslow netball club. It was a great opportunity to enhance my CV, especially since I am wanting to go on to do a sports management course at university. Both myself and the other coaches were treated with respect creating a very welcoming atmosphere, promoting fun, fairness, and friendship.”
Lizzie Wall
'I have been playing rugby with my son for a couple of years. We always have great fun at training and watching my son improve his skills and gain confidence through rugby are the real highlights for me as a father.'
Nick Stoddard