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Our Mission:

Fitness through fun! In our often all-too-serious lives, sport can be a fantastic outlet. Chasing around carefree after a ball or running outside in the beautiful countryside really makes you feel young and playful!

At TrYumph in Life we believe in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, accessible to all. Our aim is to provide friendly and inclusive sessions that remove barriers to participation – both logistical and self-imposed. With our flexible and affordable subscriptions, sessions start from as little as £2. AND we play great music during the sessions to really get the energy flowing.

Feel part of the community, get empowered to improve your health, have fun with friends – and family!

We’d love to have you along…

What’s on offer:

try-sports timetable 2019

All sessions are at Baslow Sports Field DE45 1SR unless otherwise stated. Details of each category and prices accordingly can also be found below. Please note that our sessions aim to be as inclusive as possible – therefore, if you don’t fit into a category but would like come anyway, we’d still love to have you along! We especially encourage families to train together – see below for how they benefit from our flexible subscriptions. (NB Please contact me before coming for the first time to make sure the session is on!).

We are always trYing to develop our offerings, so if you have any suggestions for developing a new club or would like to work as an associate of TrY-umph in Life to benefit from our reduced fees at Baslow Sports Field as well as our marketing network, please get in touch.

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Hockey, Netball, Football and Tag-Rugby: Inclusive coach and facilitator-led skills practice and friendly matches.

Running: Technique drills and guidance followed by interval training sessions designed to push you progressively harder than you would do by yourself. Group training to enhance motivation and enjoyment. Tues meet Baslow Sports Field Pavilion DE45 1SP, Thurs meet Moorland Discovery Centre S11 7TZ.

Rebootcamp: Fitness Pilates warm up (dynamic Pilates moves choreographed to music), 20-30min circuit training, 10min dynamic stretching to music, 5min mindful relaxation all topped off with an inspirational (‘cheesy’) quote! At Baslow Sports Field, DE45 1SP in nice weather and Baslow Village Hall, DE45 1SR in not-so-nice weather.

Community Rounders: A wonderful offering at which the whole family can get active (tennis rackets and balls used by really young – and old! – players!) .

Wild Athletics (on hold – but please contact us if you would like to register interest): Run, jump and throw your way to achieving award levels! Great for developing fitness, fundamental movement skills and friendships. Healthy competition is encouraged but with most emphasis placed on beating your own PBs. Runs April-December at the same time as Bakewell ParkrunMeet Monsal Trail at Parkrun race start line near Hassop Station Cafe, DE45 1NW.  All welcome 5yrs+.

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See below for pros and cons of packages/subscriptions vs PAYG.


Package/subscription price

PAYG price










TrY-Fitness (Rebootcamp)



Community Rounders

Adults £3, Children £2

How to register :

At TrYumph we have a different way to pay to try and make your busy lives easier. Whether you choose our cheaper subscription rate or PAYG, once you’ve signed up to and paid for one session via the link below, we do all the work thereafter…

Please make sure you read the following information carefully:

Sign up ONCE to your chosen session/s here Book online 
(Instructions here)

This form prompts you to pay for your first session at the introductory subscription rate. Your details are then securely stored in Stripe (audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry) and we manage all future payments from our end thereafter. You will be informed prior to payments being taken and receipts will be issued. If there are any errors, we will rectify them immediately and please accept our apologies. 

… Then you don’t need to do anything else! We track your attendance and credit  in Playwaze (we use details from the above form to set up an account for you that enables you to monitor your credits/debits.)

For instructions of how to add yourself to our communities and view your balance in Playwaze, click here. For instruction of how to add linked accounts further down the line for any additional people you are paying for, click here.

Subscribers automatically get charged the set monthly amount and packages are paid for at the beginning of the term (NB it is possible to start a package part way through the term – we’ll debit the amount accordingly). PAYG customers are debited end of each term. Here are our full terms and conditions again.

Oh, and we give £5 of credit to anyone that introduces a new subscriber to the TrYumph Family 🙂

Please make sure you complete a health form before you participate (click on the links below):

Children (under 18yrs)


Our Data Protection policy here so you are aware of how we store and what we do with your information.

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Pros and Cons of Try-Sports Subscriptions/Packages:

Hate wasting money? So do we. Unlike gyms, our flexible subscriptions mean that, if you commit to exercising regularly, you need never drop a pound – unless it’s from your waist! (Plus we think exercising outside, with friends is way healthier).


Like a Gym Membership… But Better!

– Save 1/3 on sessions (Over the year this equates to a saving of £96 on kids’ clubs and £72 on other clubs).

– Where applicable, save 1/3 off walk downs from Baslow St Anne’s (saving a further £17.50 over the year)

– Credit missed during school holidays or in the event of illness or injury during term time can be used for any other Try-Sports and Fitness offerings that term. Credit may also be passed on to family members or friends. We track your credit through your Playwaze account. 

– Less hassle than paying each half term or each session.

– Greater motivation to attend sessions or TrY other sports.

– ‘Treat’ friends and family members to your credit to encourage them to get active.


– Credit expires at the end of each term (but we pride ourselves on being fair and offering value for money, so if there are reasons beyond your control for missing sessions, e.g. injury, then we will roll credit over to the next term).


“My 7 year old daughter is a regular at Becky’s Wild Athletics, and absolutely loves it. It is fantastic for her to have such a great time doing sport, and to do ‘proper’ athletics, compared with the ‘throwing the bean bag’ type sport that happens at school. It’s brilliant for us as a family as I go to boot camp while she does her athletics.

None of this would work if it wasn’t for Becky, who is a delightful person and a complete star. My daughter absolutely adores her.”

~ Claire Cadogan

“Before starting family football I was quite apprehensive. I go jogging a few times a week, so I’m used to a little activity but was worried that I may not keep up with the other ladies. Also, I was worried that I’d have to know the rules of the game or be joining a well established group that wouldn’t be accepting of new members. I really didn’t need to worry. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly.  You choose how much effort you put in and I often come away feeling sweaty and out of breath but having had lots of fun too. You don’t have to be super fit or have loads of knowledge of football to join in. I like that my children can join in many of the sessions, if I want them to! As well as improving my fitness levels, the groups have helped me to tone up and lose weight as well as making me a healthier person with my more sensible approach to food going hand in hand with the exercise. The sessions are very good value for money and I would highly recommend them to anyone of any age and any level of fitness.”

~ Emily Swindell

For a list of all our policies, codes of conduct and waivers, please click here.

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