Are stress, illness and absenteeism costing your business? Want to do more to promote the well-being  and cohesion of your employees? And to reach out more to your community? We can help…

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Our unique One4One multiplier further embeds and spreads the seeds of goodness through pledging an equal amount of our time to delivering in any local not-for-profit organisation you nominate. This can include schools, charities, community groups, sports clubs etc. Time can also be allocated to wellness consultations with any of your staff members preparing for a charity fundraising sports event – and multiplied further if companies pledge to match fund their sponsorship.

As well as the TrY-B seminars on offer here, see also our TrY-Ed(ucation) pages for details of our sports coaching packages, assemblies and interactive wellness classes, inset days, Gifted and Talented programmes  and Kenyan School Twinnings that can be delivered as part of the pledge.

Terms and Conditions of the One4One Wellness

Well-being Days and Workshops

Our interactive workshops and sessions give you access to unique insights from the elite world of sport that can be used to improve the wellness and performance of your company. Former Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year, Becky Lyne, has worked with many of the world’s leading coaches, nutritionists and sports psychologists. Combined with her First-Class Honours degree in Sports Science from the prestigious Loughborough University – together with a strong passion for helping people improve their health – her informative and fun Wellness Days can help transform your company – and community…

So, come venture out into the beautiful Peak District for a rejuvenating, inspiring and fun day, tailored to your needs…




From false starts, to patience, to persistence, to efficiency, to dreaming big, to ethics and altruism: you can apply so many lessons from a career in sport to one in business. Learn how to turn each challenge you encounter to your advantage in the knowledge that nothing is ever wasted. A motivating and inspiring talk that gives you the courage and faith to pursue your goals.

‘Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it’…’It is the bridge between goals and accomplishments’. It is often said that discipline is a muscle – you have to train it. In today’s comfortable society, it is all too easy to fall into the grips of temptation that steers you along the path of an easy existence. Whilst this might provide short term gratification, true happiness, fulfilment and success remain elusive as deep down you know you are not being the best version of yourself. This workshop explains the forces at play as we navigate our daily decision making, giving you extra clarity and resolve to take the path less trodden… If you think you’re up to the challenge.

With competition stronger than it’s ever been in the world of business, employees face challenges akin to that of a professional athlete. This workshop educates and empowers staff to prioritise personal health and well-being to enable them to thrive professionally.  

Stress: the epidemic of our times. Research says the business world now operates seven times faster than even the start of the century. It’s no wonder we are finding it hard to keep pace. At times like this, good old ancient wisdom can lend us a real helping hand. Perception is everything. Changing it is simple. But not easy. Creating a culture amongst colleagues that promotes harmony is a game changer in altering perceptions, not just in business, but in life. Allow us to inject some stoicism into proceedings.

Quantum physics Learn how to maximise your energy with powerful tips and tools that tap into the body’s innate ability to rejuvenate itself. Brief scientific explanations lay the foundations for the practical explanations to follow.

The most successful people in life are those that can control their emotions. It is all too easy to vent, to blame and to assume. But ‘assumptions are the termites of relationships’. By teaching effective ways of communicating that remove emotion from the equation and focus on intentions rather that outcomes, we can help you to foster a more supportive and nurturing environment. An environment in which colleagues recognise the need for – and feel empowered take – ‘response-ability’ for their words and actions.

Quantum physics is now starting to uncover many of the mysteries surrounding characteristics of happy and successful people. ‘Laws’ are beginning to emerge that reflect many of the religious teachings from down the millennia. But far from blind faith, learn how to proactively harness these laws for your own benefit…and that of the world!

Engage your minds and your bodies (and your funny bones!) with our range of  activities that require participants to work together to conquer conundrums… Or just make fools of themselves! See your colleagues in a whole new light!

Choose from a selection of sports to get your competitive juices flowing and hearts pumping! Football, netball, tennis, hockey, badminton, volleyball, dodgeball, athletics, multi-sports tournaments or ‘school sports day’.

Allow our qualified instructors to lead you and your colleagues in one of our challenging yet fun and uplifting exercise classes. Participants are free to operate at their own level (albeit with some friendly cajoling from us!) and are sure to come away on an endorphin high, feeling motivated and energised for work! Choose from bootcamps, or our more sedate ‘re-bootcamp’ option. 

Increasingly we are becoming a tribe of keyboard warriors, a far cry from the active lifestyle evolution had prepared us for. Whereas physios, chiros, masseurs, even surgeons are benefitting, our wallets are not! But it needn’t be that way. A few simple cues and exercises can dramatically improve your posture – the root of many muscular ailments. Where help is needed in restoring ease and function, there is a vast array of techniques that individuals can use themselves to help maintain bodies. And they are free to do! An empowering workshop that can truly transform your body – and life!

Head out onto the breath-taking Baslow Edges and let nature inspire and counsel you. Walks will be punctuated with short informational sessions leaving you with topics for discussion on the next stretch of your ‘journey’. Side to side interaction is proven to encourage deeper disclosure. Make leaps and bounds in your progress and across the rocks!

Bikes can be hired as we head for a ride along the beautiful and serene Monsal Trail. You’ll be encouraged to ride at your own challenging pace as you ponder the challenging subjects posed at each meeting point. Feel exhilarated by thrashing out your thoughts and your bodies as you glean the extra clarity that comes from heightened exertion. Open discussions will commence as we head back ‘home’…

Of course, everyone knows the basic healthy eating message. Having said this, everyone can
be influenced by popular dietary trends. This talk starts with an overview of the health
issues that are affected by what we eat, including obesity, cancer, diabetes, IBS, mental
health and children’s development. Following this, the pros and cons of current popular
trends and fads are analysed and various dietary myths are exposed. A healthy eating
message is presented that is grounded in scientific evidence. Evidence-based dietary
recommendations are given about what to eat to help prevent health issues and to improve
general well-being. All suggestions are realistic and healthy to maintain in the long-term. The
session concludes with some practical tips about how these dietary changes can be
incorporated into today’s busy lifestyle.

Research suggests that having erratic blood sugar can result in diminished productivity at work. Blood sugar which is not well controlled has also been linked to lack of concentration, low mood and disturbed sleep, in both adults and children. An overview is given of the science behind what you eat and how it affects the glycaemic response. This incorporates an explanation of the relationship between glucose and insulin, and an explanation of other factors such as dietary fat and fibre which interact with these. From here, a diet which is good for balancing the blood sugar is recommended, which is energising and healthy for everyone, not just those with diabetes. The talk finishes with practical ideas about how to incorporate changes in eating behaviour into everyday life, in order to keep blood sugar steady, and thereby increasing concentration and productivity.

In order to inspire people to make dietary changes to reduce their cancer risk, it is important
to understand that food can damage DNA and that, as a result, some cancers can be
prevented by changing the diet. This topic is therefore introduced by a scientific overview of
cancer as well as various shocking cancer statistics. Some common myths relating food to
cancer risk are exposed, many of which are perpetuated by the media. Finally, the three
main nutritional risk factors for cancer, based on convincing scientific evidence, are assessed
in more detail. An overview of a diet in which these risk factors are reduced is given.
Importantly, this discussion is not about a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and does not suggest
anything is eliminated. Rather, is about equipping each individual with the information
required to choose how to eat to reduce their cancer risk to a level that they feel
comfortable with. The session concludes with some practical advice on how changes can
realistically be incorporated into the diet for the long-term reduction of risk.

Obesity is a multifaceted, worldwide issue which is now the biggest threat to human health,
increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes and cancer, not to mention
affecting general quality of life and psychological issues such as self-esteem. This session
starts with some shocking statistics (for example, over two thirds of UK adults are now
overweight) and an analysis of the great many factors which contribute to the obesity
epidemic. Some dangers of current dietary trends the public are using to manage weight,
such as low carbohydrate and other diets, are highlighted. Following this, evidence-based
advice is given about balanced dietary changes which can be made to reduce weight. This
does not deviate from the same healthy diet recommended to everyone to prevent disease,
but in smaller portion sizes. This talk is therefore equally informative for those who wish to
maintain their healthy weight in the long-term, and not just those wishing to lose weight.

This session starts by discussing various challenges facing parents raising children in the
modern world. Issues include the obesogenic environment we live in, the attraction and
convenience of processed food, conflicting advice about weaning, picky eating behaviour,
school meals, the impact of social media on children’s opinions, and the limited
opportunities to cook and sit down for family meals. A strong focus of this talk is about
practicalities and what is realistic to achieve. Ideas are given for weaning, healthy
breakfasts, lunchboxes, post sport re-fuelling, children’s snacking, as well as main meals the
whole family can enjoy. Some psychological techniques are suggested that parents can use
to reduce picky eating behaviour. Suggestions are given about how to engage a child or
teenager with the concept of healthy eating. This encourages self-motivation of children to
make their own healthy food choices which they can carry through to adulthood.

It is estimated that reduced mental health is the cause of 40% of all days lost to sickness
within the workplace in the UK. Furthermore, depression, anxiety, stress and poor sleep are mental health issues, even if not formally diagnosed, that can affect performance within the workplace. Although an emerging field with much research still to be done, the scientific basis of links between nutrition and mental health are discussed, for example the connection between gut health and the brain. Recommendations are given for a diet which boosts nutrients and balances blood sugar to promote mental well-being, including increased energy, better and more balanced mood and improved quality of sleep. Practical tips are provided about how to make realistic dietary changes which may improve mental well-being.

This talk begins with an overview of the health risks of eating a poor diet and an outline of the recommended dietary goals for general health and well-being. After this groundwork has been laid, the main focus of this session is to help individuals understand what affects their food choices. There are a great many reasons why many people do not manage to achieve a healthy diet, despite being well-educated in dietary information and pursuing a goal of healthy eating. Psychological aspects of eating are discussed to create an understanding of the barriers to changing eating and drinking behaviour. Socio-cultural and environmental
factors which affect food choices are highlighted. Strategies for how to successfully change
behaviour and techniques to make it easier to make the right dietary choices are suggested. To finish, practical tips are given about how to cook and shop to make it easier to attain the healthy eating goal that many people strive for, but which is so difficult to achieve.

In addition to the speaker topics listed above, one-to-one consultations are offered for
individuals with particular nutritional concerns. In addition to general healthy eating advice to minimise disease risk, areas of specialist knowledge for personal consultations are weight management, blood sugar control and picky eating behaviour in children, but many other areas can be considered too. For one-to-one consultations, each individual is invited to
complete a dietary questionnaire beforehand so that effectiveness of the session is maximised. A wealth of ideas on a practical level for healthy food choices which can fit into busy lives is a large part of the one-to-one advice given. Guidance on how to overcome the psychological challenges of changing eating behaviour can also be provided. Consultations
can be extended into group seminars, interactive workshops and discussion groups.

Nutrition workshops are delivered by Helen Ruckledge, a highly qualified nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition. Her qualifications include a first-class Masters degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a distinction in a Masters of Medical Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield. 

*Further specialist workshops on Leadership, Stress and Anxiety, Personal Finance, Parenting plus massage and yoga sessions can be delivered in association with our Corporate Well-being Partners.*

Suggestions for day formats:

Wellness day schedule options  NB Rambling Rambles and :Life (coaching) Cycles require a different schedules and can be adapted to client preferences. Please contact me to arrange.


Full Day (7 hrs): £150 per person (6 people minimum)

Half Day (4 hrs): £100 per person (6 people minimum)

Catering can be provided by our onsite cafe at £10/head for a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, wraps, salads and savoury bites plus delicious homemade cakes

Days are suitable for groups of up to 20 employees using the fantastic facilities at Baslow Sports Field. Larger groups can also be catered for using Baslow Village Hall.

£300 per seminar (minimum 2 seminars) plus £1/mile travel expenses.

Accommodation Options

For those traveling from further afield, why not make a ‘Peak District Retreat’ of it and really clock up employer brownie points?!

Live life on the wild side with our Corportate Camping option! Choose from a range of luxury tent options from our partner Wildcat Camping that can be erected at our Baslow Sportsfield venue. Why not make a team-building event of it and put the tents up yourselves?! Last ones to finish buy the first round

You are most welcome to join in our evening and weekend group training sessions during your stay, free of charge.

Free Auditing Tool

Want to get an overview of your employee well-being ? Plus insights into how to formulate the optimal well-being programme for your company? Click below to access our free tool designed to give a baseline understanding of the phyiscal, nurtritional and mental well-being of your staff plus a comprehensive look at their job satisfaction levels. With the opportunity for participants to rank well-being initiatives and express their own ideas, this audit is sure to provide a blue-print for creating a happy and healthy workforce. 

Contact us if you would like a free copy of the tool for your organisation. For an additional fee it can be adapted to your specific needs.

Bespoke Reports

So you have the results, now where to start?! Our reports include a dashboard that offers a powerful visual representation of the key strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. Then drawing upon years of experience in the health and well-being industry we are able to offer impartial advice to aid you in implementing the key findings from the audit. Working in conjunction with a wide network of specialists, we can signpost you towards the expertise you need, or indeed help you to further harness the talent and enthusiasm that already exists within your company. 

Example dashboard (NB not created by TrYumph):

Think you would benefit from this extra insight and expertise? We’d love to have a chat about your needs and how best we can work together.

One-to-one Health Consultations

Whilst our workshops and audits can give baseline understandings, tangible and sustainable change is often most effectively achieved in working with individuals and taking into account their uniqueness. We readily share our knowledge and expertise, but more importantly our consultations are designed to empower people to create their own prescriptions. Staff return to their work feeling part of a supportive culture (or TrY-B!), energised and with a sense of determined accountability. 

Price: £50/hour.