1 year ago
TrYumph in Life

Well-being Wednesday Newsletter content:
- An exercise video to keep you TrY-M(oving)
- A well-being seminar to mentally strengthen you and your TrY-B
- A NuTrYtion seminar to set your diet and ... See more

1 year ago

End-ur Catastrophising

Things are rarely plain sailing in life - especially when it comes to running! In training for the Sheffield 10k, I was starting to worry that I may have caused irreversible ... See more

2 years ago
TrYumph in Life

End-ur coughs and colds! Since consuming this concoction religiously for the last couple of years, touch wood(!), I’ve not had more than a minor tickle lasting a couple of days. It also has a host ... See more

#Turmeric Elixir... On gas!
Improved recipe and more efficient method.
Touch wood I've not been ill this winter and I think it's partly due to consuming this every morning.

Thumb-sized ... See more

2 years ago

Running Thoughts 55: End-ur Sleep Problems

I've suffered a bit with insomnia at various times in my life, usually coinciding with an injury, break-up or a particularly stressy time at work. At which ... See more