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Happy with you/your daughter’s training set up, but feel like you could benefit from some extra support to help navigate the pitfalls of high performance? Daring to dream of athletic success, but ... See more

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What an absolute delight to bump into my old training partner @jess_piasecki_ @summatsports (the coolest #cafeinbakewell)!

It's more years than I care to remember since she used to destroy me on ... See more

2 months ago

Now offering access to our programme for free for those with financial barriers...

Hugely moved and inspired by what the Lionesses achieved on Sunday 🥲 A theme that kept emerging in hearing the ... See more

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Physiological and psychological tips to control and harness nervous energy to create optimal performance states

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/345792975097 or via link in bio

About this ... See more

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Thanks to @jason_aw_henderson of @athletics.weekly for taking the time to have a chat about Gracefull Girls...

I've had some great feedback about it, most of it along the lines of ’this is a much ... See more

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Love, love this quote from @runmarycain. She really is wise beyond her years. At her age, I was pretty much of the understanding that if I had a thought, it must be true. How wrong was I!

A large ... See more

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We often say that we give the same/very similar advice as what a parent would give, but (with teens!) it helps when it comes from a different source. Especially if that source has 'been there and ... See more

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What we'd tell our younger selves...

We've recently had a bit of an injury theme running in the GG community whereby we've shared with our Gracelets lots of mental, physical and nutritional tips ... See more

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Very happy to spread the word about this powerful presentation by elite endurance runner @_pipstagram__ of @project_red_s_. Combining personal experience with her MSc in Positive Psychology, she ... See more